Exploring Mill Valley's Charm and Relaxed Way of Life

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Mill Valley and Its Surroundings

Mill Valley is a delightful city in California, north of San Francisco. It is renowned for its performing arts scene, natural beauty, and old-time charm. The Golden State is also home to over 60 land-based casinos spread across the state, some even a pebble throw away from Mill Valley.

Natural Treasures

One of the most popular attractions in Mill Valley is Muir Woods, and it receives visitors from all over the world. The majestic Redwood trees create a dense canopy, giving an air of fairytale fantasy to the forest. Nearby Tennessee Valley has fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean and an uncrowded beach. Mount Tamalpais is within easy reach and has an incredible stone amphitheater, where musicals are frequently staged.

The Arts Scene

Mill Valley is well-known for its love of arts and even has its own film festival. Hosted by the California Film Institute, the festival takes place over 11 days in October. Oscar-winning stars and directors often make an appearance. The city has a world-class theater company, which stages six productions throughout the year. The plays are all contemporary in nature and even feature some controversial subjects.

Throckmorton Avenue

Other places to explore include Throckmorton Avenue, and art lovers can search out the colorful painted murals and galleries. There are plenty of unique boutiques selling interesting gifts. After a morning of shopping, the array of eateries is sure to beckon. The Throckmorton Theater is also a must-see.

Mill Valley is certainly worth a detour away from the more touristy sites of California, and visitors will enjoy the slower pace of life and a relaxed, casual atmosphere in the area.